Thursday, November 28, 2013

37th Sam Lapidus Montclair Run: I Ran My Age

The Race

Another race where peeing required more attention than seems reasonable. I peed 4 times in 5 minutes just before the race started. Then, I had to go to the bushes are about 2 miles. I mentioned this to my friend Dan at the race and he suggested I consider getting a PSA test. While I don't think I have a medical problem because this only happens during races, I think he offers good advice. It does feel abnormal when it happens.

I raced well. This is the best pace I have maintained for 6 miles in a very long time. I met my friend Dan at the beginning of the race and we chin-wagged for awhile. He indicated he was going to try to run his age. I am 56. I ran my age. I have doing a number of tempo runs and 400's at the track. Maybe, they are paying off. I saw Prince, Sophia, John, and a few other folks I know. The official results show a time different than my watch. Not sure why they are so different, but I'm going with my watch to claim running my age.

The Details

November 28, 2013: Birmingham, AL
10K, 6..2 Miles
37th Sam Lapidus Montclair Run
Distance:6.2 Miles
Heart Rate:158
Weather:Partly cloudy

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AL said...

Excellent run Bob. I like that "running your age" thing. Makes 66 minutes more palatable. Hope to see you soon...maybe Sunday.